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About us

Based in Bali, we are team of travel experts specializing in designing personalized holiday throughout Indonesia. With extensive business and first-hand travel experience, we commit to provide you a safe, unique, and original holiday experience.

Luxury Travel Company Bali Indonesia

As a premier tailor-made travel agency, Bespoke Indonesia Holiday specialize in curating personalized journeys that cater to your unique desires and preferences. With our extensive knowledge, attention to detail, and passion for crafting extraordinary adventures, we ensure that every aspect of your trip is meticulously planned and flawlessly executed.


 Things to Do and to See in Indonesia


The world’s largest archipelagic country, Indonesia, offers spectacular natural beauty both underwater and land. This all-year round excellent travel destination boasts impressive cultural diversity with around 1,340 recognized ethnic groups and over 800 native languages. Explore Indonesia’s infinite natural and cultural treasures with Bespoke Indonesia Holiday, curating the most authentic, unmissable, safe and personal experience for you.

Below are some samples of adventurous activities and cultural sightseeing in Indonesia. You are welcome to follow the sample itinerary. However, we are always happy to assist on any changes to suit your needs and interests. There are lots of fantastic places to stay here and we would be happy to provide you the options.

Luxury Accommodation

Luxury Accommodation

Looking to escape to a luxurious cliff resort, nature retreat overlooking the green lush rice paddies or a pristine beach escape, our specially handpicked luxury accommodation might be giving you a hard time singling out your favorite.

VIP Fast Track

VIP Fast Track

Most people love to travel, but dislike the hustle and bustle at the airports. Enjoy a stress-free journey in Indonesia using our Fast & Track service which will make your arrival and departure fast and easy!

Yacht Charter

Yacht Charter

Embark on a yacht charter to uncover Indonesia’s captivating coastlines and secluded islands. Discover the expansive Indonesian archipelago like never before! Indulge in a luxurious and authentic experience that celebrates local culture, nature, and wildlife.



We’ve put together a list of the finest wellness retreats in Bali, offering a range of personalized programs with a diverse approach tailored to your needs. Experience a mind and body-enriching experiences inspired by the culture of Bali which nurtures harmony and balance with spirit, environment, and one another, guided by experienced practitioners.

Bali | Premier Tailor-Made Travel Agency

We can also arrange daily tours if you prefer a more relaxing holiday without the hassle of changing accommodation. Bali has so much to offer whether you’re into nature, culture, adventure, wellness, beaches, or just looking to relax and recharge.

Below are some of our daily activities, however we can also accommodate daily tours based on your request.

The First Step to Your Dream Holiday

We are just an email away from designing your perfect holiday. Provide us with the below information so we can propose the right holiday and travel solution for you:

• Do you have preferred dates of travel or are you flexible?
• How long do you have for the holiday?
• Where might you want to go, or what kind of experience are you hoping for?
• What type of accommodation do you like (e.g. beachfront, cliffside, modern resort, Balinese style accommodation, or?)?
• What budget should we try to keep to for you roughly?

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    Personalised service

    We are a small boutique company, which enables us to offer personalised service and an authentic experience to our guests. We curate your holiday itinerary with the same care and attention as if it were our own.

    Passionate travel experts

    Our travel experts are Indonesian locals with deep roots in the country, bringing a wealth of firsthand travel experience and knowledge. Drawing from diverse travel backgrounds, we offer unparalleled expertise and recommendations for all types of adventures.

    One-stop shopping

    We offer an extensive range of services for your travels in Indonesia. Whether you require assistance with booking your accommodation, transfers, or domestic flights, we are here to ensure a seamless travel experience.


    We are dedicated to supporting the environment and local economies of the areas we visit.