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Who Are We ?

Based in Bali, we are team of travel experts specializing in designing personalized holiday throughout Indonesia. With extensive business and first-hand travel experience, we commit to provide you a safe, unique, and original holiday experience. We provide personal services crafting your dream holiday based on your interests and needs. This is your dream holiday, crafted specifically for you by our reliable local experts.

Things to Do and to See in Indonesia

There is a lot to do and see in Indonesia. Below are some samples of adventurous activities and cultural sightseeing in Indonesia. You are welcome to follow the sample itinerary. However, we are always happy to assist on any changes to suit your needs and interests.

The bellow trips are priced using a range of standard accommodation. If you wish to upgrade to something more luxurious, please let us know. There are lots of fantastic places to stay here and we would be happy to provide you the options!

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We can also arrange daily tours if you prefer a more relaxing holiday without the hassle of changing accommodation. Bali has so much to offer whether you’re into nature, culture, adventure, wellness, beaches, or just looking to relax and recharge. Below are some of our daily activities, however we can also accommodate daily tours based on your request

Bali Activities

Other Services

Luxury Accommodation

Looking to escape to a luxurious cliff resort, nature retreat overlooking the green lush rice paddies or a pristine beach escape, our specially handpicked luxury accommodation might be giving you a hard time singling out your favorite.

VIP Fast Track

Most people love to travel, but dislike the hustle and bustle at the airports. Enjoy a stress-free journey in Indonesia using our Fast & Track service which will make your arrival and departure fast and easy!

Yacht Charter

A yacht charter is the best way to explore Indonesia’s most charming coastlines. Explore the vast archipelago Indonesia like no one else! Our brother, Indo Journey team offers a luxury and authentic experience, focusing on local culture, nature and wildlife.


We’ve put together a list of the finest wellness retreats in Bali, offering a range of personalized programs with a diverse approach tailored to your needs. Experience a mind and body-enriching experiences inspired by the culture of Bali which nurtures harmony and balance with spirit, environment, and one another, guided by experienced practitioners.

Our Story

The love for travel and nature has brought me to an extensive travel experience. As soon as i graduated from Ganesha University in North Bali, I applied for a job on a cruise ship which gave me an opportunity to see many amazing places. After doing 4  incredible contracts I realized that working on the cruise ship fulltime wasn’t for me anymore. I started to travel throughout Indonesia on my own and was amazed by how much this beautiful country has to offer. I also met many people who are in the business and that’s how the idea of doing it as job started. Having the knowledge and first-hand experiences, I then decided to run a small travel company back then in 2016 then I worked for a larger international travel company for three years. Now I and my expert team are running Bespoke Indonesia Holiday for most overland holiday and Indo Journey for those ones who wish to explore the vast charming archipelago Indonesia on a yacht. We can ensure the provision a safe travel experience for individuals, couples, families, small and large groups throughout our beautiful and amazing country Indonesia. Having this amazing team and all our experiences we’ve had combined, we’re confident with our vision, products and most of all our services.

Thank you for stopping by, we look forward to seeing you soon.

Ni Putu Rusdiani

The First Step to Your Dream Holiday

Design your perfect holiday by reaching out to us. Provide an expert member of Bespoke Indonesia Holiday the below information so we can propose the right holiday and travel solution for you:

  • How many people are travelling? Are there any children in the party?
  • How long and roughly when do you what to travel?
  • Where might you want to go, or what kind of experience are you hoping for?
  • Is there anything specific you want to see or do?
  • What type of accommodation do you like (eg from luxury resorts to bungalow)
  • Roughly what budget would you like us to try to keep to for you?

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