6 Days 5 Nights Komodo Liveaboard

Komodo Liveaboard
DAY 1 – Labuan Bajo, Bidadari Island, Sebayur Island

Upon arrival, you will be met and taken to the harbor to catch the boat. Once you get on the boat you will be given a short briefing and room allocation. After settling in your cabin then you can enjoy a nice lunch as you are sailing to you first diving spot.

Today you will do two dives; one day dive at Bidadari Island and one night dive at Sebayur. The boat ride takes around 30 minutes to Bidadari Island from Labuan Bajo. Beautiful coral reefs and colorful tropical fishes can be seen from the water surface at Bidadari Island makes it also great for snorkeling. During the dive you may come across big turtles, clown fish, and sea rabbits.

Then continue on your trip to the next destination, Sebayur Island which is located on Komodo National Park’s border. Sebayur Island is well known for its wicked night dive where you can see sharks, napoleons, manta rays, coral trout, emperors, and many more. For dive enthusiast, this site is like a dream come true!! Overnight on the boat.

Big fish in blue green water. You can see a bit of coral on the bottom. Flores.  Komodo Island National Park. Underwater life. Sebayur Island. Komodo LiveBoard. Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.
Sebayur Island is well known for its wicked night dive | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday
DAY 2 – Sebayur, Gili Lawa Laut

Today you will do 4 dives; at Calderon, Castle Rock, Crystal Rock, and night dive at light house. Overnight on the boat.

Calderon or Cauldron is a passage that cut through Gili Lawa Laut islands. This passage has a strong current so it is excellent for drift dive. Just like other sites in Komodo islands, Calderon is abundance of sharks, manta rays, and turtles. This site is only for divers who are experienced in facing currents.

The next diving site is Castle Rock. It is a massive coral pinnacle underwater at the depth of 4 meters. The visibility at this site is very good as the Castle Rock is in open water. You can find nearly everything on this site; snapper, grouper, large schools of tuna, giant trevallies, grey reef sharks, and manta rays.

Following lunch, continue to Crystal Rock. In this site you will come across a few sharks such as grey reefs, blacktips, and whitetip sharks. There’s also lots of large fish around like dogtooth tuna and giant travellies. This site is considered one of the best diving sites in Komodo National Park. Just like Castle Rock and Calderon, the current in this water can also be strong.

Back on boat and have some rest before doing a night dive at the lighthouse. This great dive site is situated in the north of the national park and not far from Crystal Rock and Castle Rock dive sites.

The turtle has merged with the colors of the corals. Flores. Komodo Island National Park. Underwaterlife. Komodo Liveboard | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.
Just like other sites in Komodo islands, Calderon is abundance of sharks, manta rays and turtles | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday
DAY 3 – Gili Lawa Laut, Batu Bolong, Komodo Island

Today you will explore Takad Makassar, Pink Beach, and Batu Bolong. The first destination is Takad Makassar where you can see a number of manta rays that can be seen best during rising tide. Takad Makassar is aggregation site for manta rays but diving is not allowed here as it will disturb the manta rays.

Afterwards,continue your trip to Pink Beach. Pink Beach is the most regularly visited site in Komodo Islands area not only for its excellent snorkeling, also for its very good dive where you can find wide selections of critters (crocodile fish, leaf scorpionfish, nudibranchs, blueribbon eels and many more). You will do a night dive here tonight.

The next site is Batu Bolong. This world class diving site offers beautiful sight of thousands of colorful tropical fish and other invertebrates, stunning pristine corals hard and soft, and many cracks. There are large schools of small fish around the surface and as you go deeper, you will see bigger fish such as whitetip sharks, giant trevally, napoleon wrasse, dogtooth tuna and rainbow runner in large schools. A night dive at Pink Beach will be arranged. Overnight on the boat.

DAY 4 – Komodo Island, Manta Alley or Nusa Konde, Padar Island

You have options of the dive sites today. Either full day dive at German Flag and Manta Alley or at Cannibal Rock, Nusa Konde and Yellow Wall. You will have a night dive at Padar.

German Flag is located in the south of Komodo Shoreline. In this site we can find napoleon wrasse, potato cod, large Malabar grouper and huge schools of bohar snappers and surgeon fish.

Then on to Manta Alley, one of the best diving sites of Komodo Islands National Park. This site is famous of its abundance of life. During the dive in Manta Alley you will be enchanted of the stunning corals invertebrates, a number of Manta Rays, wrasses, many reef sharks, and large groups of giant trevallies.

A Manta Ray swims in the blue sea near the light green seabed. Komodo Liveabroad. Flores. Komodo Island national park. Underwater life. Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.
During the dive in Manta Alley you will be enchanted of the stunning corals invertebrates, a number of Manta Rays | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday
The best macro diving spot in Komodo national park

From the south we have Cannibal Rock, the best macro diving spot in Komodo national park. Cannibal rock is an underwater mound that is covered by sponges, soft and hard corals and beautiful sea apples. Cannibal Rock which is famous of its invertebrate’s life and excellent soft coral life. You can find varied species of invertebrates during this dive and the coral is very colorful. You will also see abundance of holothurians, Coleman shrimp, zebra crab, fire urchins, nudibranch, and sea apples. At times you may also come across surgeonfish, scorpionfish, and schools of bohar snapper. Diving in Cannibal Rock is considered easy as it has only little current.

Close to Cannibal Rock we have Kode Island which is characterized by huge encrusted boulders with a few corals and large groupers. There is not so many very large fish around but you can find some among the bolders. You can see the largest Malabar grouper, potato cod, and the giant grouper on the reef. And during the dive you will also come across bohar snapper in large schools.

The other dive site today is Yellow Wall. Walls covered by sea cucumbers and different species of feather stars. You’ll spot a few of rare and uncommon species during this dive from Colourful sea urchins, coleman shrimps, needle shrimps which live between the sea urchins’ spine, vir philippinensis to the uncommon nudibrach. There are at least 8 uncommon species of nudibranchs here.

DAY 5 – Rinca Island, Kalong Island, Labuan Bajo

Morning dive at Wainilu and Tengah Island then after lunch you will get to visit Loh Buaya – Rinca Island to see the famous Komodo Dragons at their natural habitat. Afterward proceed to Kalong Islands to witness the spectacular view of thousands of bats flying under the golden sunset. Overnight on the boat.

A Komodo Dragon stands in the yellow grass with its tongue out. Flores. Komodo Dragon. Komodo Liveaboard | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.
You can see the famous Komodo Dragons at their natural habitat in Rinca Island | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday
DAY 6 -Transfer Out

Following breakfast, you will commence your trip back to Labuan Bajo. Upon disembarking, you will be transferred to the airport for your flight back to Bali.


Includes: Airport / Hotel transfer,3x meals per day, coffee, tea, snacks, mineral water, snorkeling gear, tank, weight, and service of master.

Excludes: flight tickets, personal expenses, marine park fees, and dive gear rental.

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