Bali Cleansing & Purification Ritual

Embark on a day of spiritual journey and immerse yourself in the Balinese purification ceremony at one of holy water temples in Bali. Tirta Empul is the

biggest, busiest, and center of Balinese water purification rituals in Bali, however there are several holy water sources in Bali for purification rituals. Holy Water or known as Tirtha in local language has always been a big part of Bali Hinduism. Water is a symbolic element and believed to have a healing and cleansing power and averting the evil forces. The power, purity, and spirituality level of the holy water is based on the source of the water where it was taken, who gives the blessing and the mantra used in the blessing. Holy water should be treated in certain ways, even before receiving the water, worshippers must dress, carry out the process with respect. Besides water purification rituals, we can also book a session with a traditional Balinese healer or a shaman for alternative medicine and holistic healing in Bali.
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