Bali Horseback Riding

Bali Horseback Riding


Bali horseback riding offers a fun and thrilling experience to explore the rural landscapes of the island, from picturesque rice fields to serene sandy coastlines.

Where to Go Horseback Riding in Bali?

There are renowned equestrian centres located close to secluded beaches, where horseback riding is most popular. Enjoy a fun sunrise ride on the black sandy shores of Pererenan near Canggu, or venture further up north towards Kedungu, Tanah Lot, and Yeh Gangga. Here, you’ll find a unique blend of picturesque rice fields and breathtaking coastal vistas.

Silhouette of three men riding horses on the beach. Bali Horseback Riding | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.
Horseback riding on the charming coastline of Bali | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday

Another amazing horseback experience is available in Ubud, the cultural centre of Bali, amidst the lush green rice terraces. Riding through the expansive rice fields provides visitors with a glimpse of Bali’s rich cultural heritage. Beginners can ride through a less challenging yet picturesque route, while experienced riders can canter through the hills at a quicker speed. If you have time, ask for longer excursions to visit a hidden waterfall. In addition to that, some of the trips in Ubud offer the chance to visit nearby villages, where visitors can engage with the Balinese culture and witness their traditional festivities and craftsmanship.

Both rice paddies and beach horseback riding cater to riders of all skill levels, from beginners to experienced ones. In addition to recreational horse riding, we arrange horse riding lessons suitable for all ages, ensuring that the whole family can participate. Our Bali horse riding lessons are available in both private and group settings, starting from 3 years old and up, ranging from beginner to advanced levels. Whether you are looking for a leisure ride, learning the basic principles and technique of riding, or taking your riding skills to the next level, we can customise your activity to your needs and goals.


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