2 Days and 1 Night Komodo Island National Park Tour

Komodo Island Tour
Day 1 – Labuan Bajo, Rinca Island, Padar Island, and Kalong Island

Pick up from your hotel in the morning to catch the boat in Labuan Bajo. Your first destination is Rinca Island to see the Komodo Dragon. Here you’ll be led by a local guide (Ranger)for 1-3 hours of trekking to show you the topmost predator the Komodo Dragon and other wildlife, such as long-tailed macaque, wild horses, orange-footed scrub fowls, fulvous breasted woodpeckers, wild pigs, wild buffaloes, wild dogs, and so on.

After trekking back to the boat to have some lunch we will sail to the next destination, Padar island. On Padar Island you’ll do some more of trekking to see the breathtaking view of the island and its spectacular surroundings.

You will stay overnight on the boat, which will dock at Kalong island. From the boat you’ll see the beautiful view of the Kalong (Flying Fox) flying around under the sunset. That evening you will enjoy a wonderful dinner on the boat.

A view of the mountainous green archipelago and sandy sea bays. Padar Island | Komodo Tour | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.
Breathtaking view on Padar Island | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.


Day 2 – Kalong Island, Pink Beach, Manta Point, and Labuan Bajo

After breakfast on the boat you will continue your journey, the first destination for the day being the Pink Beach. The unique colour of the sand at Pink Beach makes it one of the most beautiful beaches in Flores. Pink Beach also has a stunning underwater life. The coral reefs here are rich in colour and life, which makes it perfect for snorkelling.

A pink sandy beach in front. Farther in the background green mountains. Pink Beach | Komodo Tour | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.
The pink beach on Komodo Island | Bespoke Indonesia Holiday.

After spending some time at Pink Beach we will move to our next destination, Manta Point. This is a place where Manta Rays can often be found. This huge marine creature can grow up to 4 meters wide. Though huge in size, they are considered as the unharmed sea animal.
Close to Manta Point are two beautiful tiny islands with white sandy beaches. You can stop there for some more snorkelling or swimming. Lunch will be served on the boat before heading back to Labuan Bajo.

Includes: meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner, fruits, water, tea, coffee, and snacks) and free use of snorkeling equipment.
Excludes: entrance fee, flight tickets, and personal expenses.

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