The purchase of travel services as offered by BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY constitutes a contract between yourself and BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY, and this arrangement represents that you accept OU Terms & Conditions as set out herein. We request that you please ensure that you carefully read and understand these Terms & Conditions before making any such booking arrangement.


You as the client may make a booking of our travel services by way of telephone, facsimile, email correspondence, an online reservation via our website, or through direct booking at the BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY office. Any such booking is only accepted when our Company has confirmed acceptance in writing, after which we will issue an invoice as confirmation.  As the client, we recommend that you verify and review all details contained within our booking letter of confirmation.  Our Company should be in receipt of the client acceptance letter of confirmation to purchase the invoice as required.


As the client, you will receive the invoice containing details of all travel services following the bookings as confirmed by BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY. Payment must be completed prior to the listed due date. A reservation will be cancelled automatically if we do not receive the deposit by the listed due date. The deposit payment indicates you as the client have read the Terms & Conditions, and have accepted these. The client may pay the invoice by way of either Credit Card (Visa and MasterCard), PayPal (USD Currency only), Western Union, Bank Transfer (Either USD, Euro, IDR account), or by way of Cash Payment at our office. Any additional cost charged by the Bank, PayPal, or Western Union or any other additional cost as a result of currency differences will be borne by the client. The client will be in receipt of a voucher containing all agreed travel services, and will also include the due date with regards to the remaining monies outstanding. BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY requires the remaining amount outstanding as per the invoice by one (1) week prior to the agreed travel date. In the event that we receive a booking less than one (1) week prior to the proposed travel date, the client must settle the total amount of the invoiced travel costings.


The client may cancel a booking on the provision that this cancellation is communicated directly to BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY. Cancellation charges shall be applied as per the below policy:

  1. Fifteen (15) days or more, a forfeiture of the down payment (being 20% of the total amount).
  2. Seven (7) – Days of travel, a forfeiture of 100% of the total travel cost.


The Company motto of BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY is the Provision of Easy and Safe Travel, at a Competitive and Reasonable Price, with an Emphasis on Your Convenience. Based upon this motto, BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY does reserve the right to (at any time) facilitate the cancellation or change of any such services, facilities, or prices as described within our brochures or website, and further to substitute an alternative arrangement constituting as being comparable in monetary value, or charges as an alternative locally if such arrangements can’t be made without appropriate compensation being made to the client as a result of prevailing local conditions, &/or any other valid reason. In the event a major change is made just prior to the departure, the client may choose either of:

  1. Acceptance of the changes and subsequent alternative arrangements, that being with or without appropriate compensation made to the client, or otherwise by way of a refund being the price difference.
  2. Cancellation of the tour, and our subsequent payment of a full refund.


Based upon the above motto, BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY does reserve the right to cancel a tour in any such circumstance (i.e. adverse weather, dangerous sea conditions, or unavoidable accidents – force majeure) that are beyond our control, this being either with or without some prior notice. Where we make a cancellation prior to the departure, a full refund being that of the total cost will be paid. The client is not entitled to any such compensation for a loss of the said tour. In the event the running of the tour is interrupted by such circumstances being beyond our control, the refund amount shall be calculated to an amount that is deemed by us to be a fair and equitable proportion that being the tour cost. BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY takes nil responsibility for any such compensation, or any other cost the client might encounter, that being caused by the tour’s cancellation.


The client must take responsibility for the provision of suitable and appropriate travel insurance, so that he/she/they may participate in any such tour as organised by BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY. BESPOKE INDONESIA HOLIDAY does not provide any such insurance. The client is wholly and fully responsible for the arrangement of personal travel insurance that is adequate cover for any medical expenses that arise as a result of illness or an accident during the tour, as well as the loss of any monies through the cancellation &/or curtailment of the tour for insurable reasons.